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How To Choose the Size of Your Princessa Jewels


It is very important that you order the right bracelet or necklace size as we do not give refunds or exchanges for wrong measurements.  Each piece of jewellery is custom made to your requirments.  

To get the correct wrist measurement use a measuring take and measure the wrist area.  Add 1/2 an inch to the meaurement for for a childs measurement and 1 inche for an adult wrist measurement. 
Please see the Sizing chart below to get an idea of the standard wrist and necklace sizes for our jewellery.  


5.0 inches 12 - 24 months

5.5. inches 2 - 4 years

6.0 inches 5 - 6 years

6.5 inches 7 - 8 years 

7.0 inches Adult Small

7.5 inches Adult Medium

8.0 inches Adult Large



12 inches  2 - 4 years

14 inches  5 - 12 years

16 inches 12 - 16 years

18 inches Adult

21 inches Adult