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Caring For Your Princessa Jewellery

Care & Safety

Every Princessa bracelet and necklace is made with the finest beads and materials. Althoughr our jewellery is designed to with stand a certain amount of wear and tear, the jewellery should be treated gentally.

All children must be supervised when wearing any type of jewellry. Princessa jewellery are heirloom quality pieces and as such are not toys. The jewellery can be worn for special occassions and are also designed for little girls to wear so that they can feel special in their bridesmaid, flowergirl, christening, baptism, confirmation, birhday or party dress. Princessa jewelry is created with small pearls, beads, crystals and other small components.

Please never allow your little Princessa to chew on it or leave her unattended while wearing the jewellery. Jewellery should always be removed before her bedtime/nap and placed in the little organza pouch which comes with each piece of jewellery.  

Using jewellery dips to clean your Princessa jewellery will harm and tarnish the crystals and other silver components used to create. Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the crystals and a special silver cloth to clean the silver components. Avoid placing jewellery in water and do not wear in swimming pools or the sea as salt and other chemicals can harm the look of the jewellery.